New Poem on The Maynard

Hello, friends! My weekly posts are becoming less weekly and more sporadic. This is partly because I'm feeling I have less to say here, and partly because I'm feeling like when I do have writing time, I want to be completely focused on writing new poems, revising old poems, and sending them out to journals.… Continue reading New Poem on The Maynard


Doing it Anyway

I wasn't sure if I'd write today. I've started a new course with Rachel Thompson,┬áLit Mag Love, which focuses on refining your approach to publishing in literary magazines. I've been working on that this morning, with this blog post nagging at the back of my mind. In the last two weeks, I've felt my seasonal… Continue reading Doing it Anyway

Purpose and Clarity

Hello, friends. It's been a few weeks; the past month has been a marathon for me and my family, but we've crossed the finish line and now we're trying to regain our footing and establish some routine. The farmer's market is winding down and the brilliant golden leaves are beginning to fall from the birch… Continue reading Purpose and Clarity

Imperfect Impermanence

I think Aedan is really struggling with his dad being gone right now, and it manifests in him treating the rest of us like crap. Lots of name calling, hitting, toy's a challenge for me to keep in mind that it's because he's having a hard time. Yesterday morning, after unending insults and fighting,… Continue reading Imperfect Impermanence