Unlocking the Cupboard


I keep the craft supplies on lockdown because I cannot handle the chaos that ensues, the paint smeared past the edges of the paper onto the table, the scatter of pipe cleaners, the glitter that gets into everything. Today, though, Colm found his way into a mixed bag of pipe cleaners and coloured pom-poms. He came running into the living room, tossing great handfuls of the stuff onto the floor. He and Charlotte continued, back and forth, from my stash to the living room, until the bag of supplies was empty and the floor was covered. They threw the pom-poms around; we twisted together pink and purple pipe cleaners to make bracelets. For a moment, I let go, just a little. I felt a bit of their joy at something so simple touch me. To access the joy of childhood is a letting go: of expectations, of the need to control. To access the joy of childhood is to embrace chaos, wild randomness. It’s to do just what each moment requires of you, just what would feel good. Hands full of velvet, a whirl of snowflakes, a silly walk. Giggles and secrets and your own private language of colour. To unlock the craft cupboard and let them be free with their own creativity, with mine.

This was a prompt from The Inky Path’s book “Bread Prompts”. The prompt was “joy”.

Image via Flickr user Essie