I’m a wandering homebody, a poet, a blogger, and a mother to three kids ages five and under. I live and write in Dawson City, Yukon, in traditional Tr’ondek Hwech’in territory, in an off-grid cabin. I also own a bar and hotel business with my husband, P.

This blog started as a place for me to write about my journey out of post partum depression. It continues to be a place for me to write about my messy journey as a parent, as honestly as I can. I promise it won’t be all fuzzy glowing fireside moments. In fact, it will almost never be that. It’s also a place for me to occasionally talk about my process as a writer, and to share with you my poetry as it’s published. You can find that here, on my Publications page.

Thanks for visiting. I’d love to hear from you in the comments and try my best to respond to everyone.


5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Tara, I just want you to know that I adore your site and am keeping up after an accidental hiatus, but sometimes I have trouble commenting on blogspot sites, for whatever reason. Just know I'm reading and loving your words.


  2. I'm sorry to hear you've having trouble commenting! I've been thinking about installing Comment Luv or something similar. Thank you for your comment here and for your support!


  3. Tara, I loved these poems! do we have a budding Milton or Wordsworth in the family? Mick M Surrey UK


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