Daily Practice, again


I didn’t write anything yesterday that I feel like sharing here, and so I’ve missed my second day of posting this month. I’m a little more than halfway through my commitment to post daily, and I’ve been thinking a lot about daily practice and what I’d like it to be, for me.

This daily writing practice taunts my inner critic and causes me to challenge that nasty voice constantly. Right now, even, it whispers “delete, delete, delete. Nobody cares.” But here I am, showing up anyway and it’s like pulling teeth, as the cliche goes.

The 4:30 am wake up calls since the clocks went back are sapping me. It feels as though I’m trying to dredge these thoughts and words up from a great depth through some viscous sludge. All I can do is hope this passes. Keep showing up anyway. Because this will pass, and all that will remain will be the habit. The words will flow again and I’ll be grateful. Am grateful right now, to the sleepy baby, the quietly playing 3 year old, the kindergarten teacher. To myself, I suppose, if I have to, for being here.

I contemplate a daily poetry practice. As it coalesces in my mind, it would be writing something new, even a few lines, each day. For a year. Without trying to pin down when I would actually do that. Just doing it. And I also think about not submitting my poems anywhere for that year. I want to see where that steady, single-pointed practice might take me. Like being in school: an immersion in poetry, my own and others’. In craft books, in taking in interviews and podcasts with poets, about poetry and process. I wonder if I could do it, really. Through travel and ever-changing schedules, through moves and work and summer vacation, could I find the time every day for 365 in a row?

I want to find out.

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5 thoughts on “Daily Practice, again”

  1. Wow, that’s an interesting idea. I think I would find it really hard. So much of what I write is produced for set themes, when it’s rejected it’s hard to know where it might go, but my work is disjointed because of it. To do that, writing everyday and hoarding it, that could produce something really interesting.


  2. Well, you know I’m a fan of the 365 project! So true, daily practice is very much like being in school, an immersion. This has truly been a year of study for me. I didn’t plot any of it out except for the daily commitment, and organically, it evolved into so much more: workshops, readings, writing (for pay!) for one of my favorite magazines, a writers conference, and the start of a writing group. Not to mention, a ton of raw material. I still feel surprised by all of it. The outcomes are guaranteed to surprise you. And the discoveries. I’ve discovered as much off the page as I’ve discovered while writing. I love your idea of a daily poetry practice. Are you thinking of doing it “out loud” on the blog or privately?


    1. Sarah, I’m so sorry to respond so late to this. I lost track of some comments apparently! Maybe that is another challenge of the daily blogging: keeping up with comments! Everything that your daily practice led to is so inspiring. I’ve been thinking of just writing something, every day. Whether in my private journal, or here, or a poem…mostly as a way to make space for my lack of discipline! If it were a poetry practice, though, it would be private. I really do need to bring some discipline into my writing life…I’m still undecided as to how it will look. But you are certainly a big inspiration for me!

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      1. Hardly a lack of discipline, oh published poet, beautiful writer, and dedicated blogger! I always look forward to reading your work.

        As for keeping up with comments, I totally get it! Just this morning I was thinking I must catch up and do some blog tending. I am always so grateful for the conversations and ideas that arise in these spaces. 🙂


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