Riding the Waves

I said I would write every day this month but maybe I should have said: not Sunday. I work my regular bar shift on Sunday’s, and between that and the rest of life, it’s hard to get to the page. I wanted to make the effort, though, in the few stolen moments before I get dinner ready.

Last night as P gave the kids a bath, I watched an almost-full moon rise over the hill, its bright light cutting through the fog that lingers. Then, I sat and meditated before helping to get everyone to bed. I feel my own fog lifting today. There was a power in naming it yesterday, in fully acknowledging that I’m having an off week. I’ve got plans for some much needed self care in the coming days, and tomorrow I begin a two week online writing group with Jena Schwartz that I am so excited about (and there are still a few spots available if you’re interested in joining us!)

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday night, friends!

2 thoughts on “Riding the Waves”

  1. So happy for you that the fog lifted! I’ve got a little more visibility, but it hasn’t quite cleared. I’m looking forward to hearing about your online writing group!


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