Two Poems in Rat’s Ass Review

I’ve got two poems up in Rat’s Ass Reviews on going “Love and Ensuing Madness” series, “Parents’ Aphrodisiac” and “The Girl from St. Eustache.”

The first of these, “Parents’ Aphrodisiac” went through many drafts. There are 7 different drafts saved on my computer, and there were countless smaller changes made along the way. I really believed in this poem; loved the tension between being a mother and being a partner and lover. I think it’s important to view mothers/parents as the multifaceted, many-hats-wearing people they are. This poem was rejected a half a dozen times before finding its home at Rat’s Ass Review. I got lucky: I think that’s actually not that high of a number, but I was close to giving up. After some encouragement from other writers, I submitted it one more time, and it was accepted almost immediately.  I hope you enjoy it.

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