Identity Crisis

I’ve been silent here these past few weeks. In that time I’ve been writing poetry; I’ve reconnected with my university creative writing professor, who has offered to serve as my mentor; I’ve continued down a path of healing from PPD, taking good care of myself and, in turn, my family. It’s been good to be somewhat offline, but I haven’t forgotten about this blog. In the back of my mind, I’ve been wondering what I want for this space.

I started out wanting a creative outlet, but since finding my way back to poetry and deciding to take myself seriously as a writer, I feel like what time and energy I can spare for creative writing is better directed elsewhere. And although I’d like to use this space to connect with other writers and to talk about the intersection of writing and mothering, my posts solely about mothering and how difficult it can be have also been well received. And I feel like it’s really important to talk about the hard, ugly truths of parenting. That being said, I sometimes want this to be a baby-free zone, a place to guard those parts of myself that are more than “mama.”

So. Where does that leave us? I love blogging, with its possibility for connection and peering into the lives of others. I’m not ready to take a permanent step away from it.  Maybe I see the answer here in this post. Maybe I don’t hold myself to any one topic, and continue to write what’s in my heart. I guess I just feel like I owe the writers a post about writing, the mamas a post about moming, and those who are just curious readers a post more interesting than this one!

What would you like to read more of here? If you blog, have you ever had a similar blog identity crisis? I’d love to hear how you moved past it in the comments!

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8 thoughts on “Identity Crisis”

  1. Hello lovely! I wouldn't call it a crisis, you're just evolving, adding more parts to the whole… So yes, maybe you've answered your own question already. If you do decide this space needs to be more specific, the time will come. If not, then just keep on as you are.

    P.S. You don't 'owe' anybody anything 🙂 I love your words and am glad to have found you via #WhatI'mWrting


  2. I echo what Rachael says about not owing anyone anything – your blog is your space and the way you write suggests to me you can connect to people on any topic simply through your honesty. I do recognise your feelings though as I often wonder quite what it is I'm doing with my blog! I think as writers we're naturally reflective types and it causes us to reflect on what we should be blogging too. I don't think there's a clear answer beyond what you said about writing from the heart – that sounds spot on. Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting (and would you like to join our FB group? I can send you an invite). xx


  3. I go through this thought process every so often. I find myself writing about so many different things, along with lots of photography, and it sometimes feels a bit scatter gun. But, it's my blog. So, ultimately I write what I enjoy writing, so my blog is a mix of parenting, activities, crafts, musings, poetry and prose!! #whatimwriting


  4. Thank you, Maddy! You're so right about writers being reflective. I also think we're very aware of our audience. I sometimes wonder if I'd feel more free in this space if I had no idea who was reading or why! I'd love to join the FB group. : )


  5. Ah! I commented but not sure where it went. I basically said: Forcing yourself to be one kind of blogger is like forcing yourself to be one kind of person. Write about what interests you, even if that changes weekly. If it interests YOU, it will be interesting.


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